As part of our mission to support individuals in the community through their NDIS transition, we offer a comprehensive support coordination program.  Our dedicated and passionate team support you to utilise the National Disability Insurance Scheme to fully realise your goals and aspirations.

We offer a personalised service that places our Participants firmly in control of their own support network.  To help you to achieve this, we offer:

  • An initial meeting at a location of your choice to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed support decisions.
  • Assistance to establish and monitor the NDIS portal, allowing efficient and accurate management of NDIS funding.
  • Ongoing phone and face to face contact scheduled to support your life style and supports needs
  • High standards of customer service and professionalism
  • A detailed breakdown of complex NDIS funding options available to you and development of a person centred support program that suits your needs as an individual.
  • Coordination of all supports ranging from housing through to community access and capacity building therapies
  • Research and coordination of SIL (Supported Independent Living), SDA (Special Disability Accommodation) and EHOP (Exploring Housing Options Package) supports¬† to allow our Participants to live independently in the community
  • Assistance to build your confidence and capacity to manage and maintain a network of supports

CCLO are proud proponents of the NDIS, helping protects the individual rights and freedoms of people with disabilities across the Central Coast.