Ever wondered how different Community Access Supports and Day Programs can be?

Join us as we delve a little bit deeper into some of the ins and outs of these differences and cover off some of your frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between Community Access Supports and a Day Program?

Community Access Supports are funded under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to support participants to physically access environments external to the home. This provides clients access to recreational activities, social opportunities and supports the individual to develop skills and competencies out and about in the community.

At CCLO Living, we believe having access to the community is an essential part of our client’s lives and we do our best to find personalised and innovative activities to suit the needs and interests of each individual.

Community Access Supports can be as creative and innovative as you would like them to be! Generally, Community Access Supports are delivered 1:1 with a team member who can support you to attend appointments, outings, activities or anything you’d like to do in the community. We also offer these supports 1:2 as requested if you’d like to bring a friend along.

If you’d like to learn more about our Community Access Supports for NDIS Participants and how we can support you, have a chat with our friendly team on 02 4353 2411 or pop us an email. We hope to join you out and about in the community sometime soon.

Day Programs on the other hand, usually have a strong focus on community participation and independent living skills. Clients generally attend 3-5 days each week and are involved in life skills, development activities such as cooking, shopping and also communication.
Day Programs are group based, meaning there will be multiple clients attending at any given time. They follow a set program at a centre where community based activities are generally delivered at the same location. Centre-based activities may include a choice between 1-3 activities on any given day, which will be set up in different rooms. Some participants may find this limits their options for a more personalised support if you’d like to participate in activities the set program does not offer.

If you would like more flexibility and to learn more about CCLO Living’s Innovative Community Access Supports and how we can support you, please click here.

What is the aim of Community Access Supports?

The main aim in providing Community Access Supports is to support individuals to remain living in their own homes and to retain as much independence as possible, whilst avoiding social isolation.

At CCLO Living, our Community Access Supports provide support and care to help maintain independence and life skills, and our team are highly skilled & dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients, delivering great opportunities to live independently and happily within the community.

How are Community Access and Day Programs funded?

Funding for Community Access and Day Programs are both funded from ‘Core – Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation’ on your NDIS Plan. The difference is generally the prices charged for each service which can be found in the NDIS Price Guide.

Does CCLO Living offer these supports?

CCLO Living offers Community Access with our friendly team of support coordinators and support workers dedicated to working with you to identify and implement personalised community access supports to suit your needs and interests.



Can my support worker use a Companion Card?

Yes, absolutely! A Companion Card is available for people living with a significant and permanent disability that allows your Support Worker/Carer/Companion to obtain a second ticket, free of charge, at selected venues and facilities around NSW. If you think you may be eligible, have a chat with the team at CCLO Living who can help you to apply.

Do you offer discreet/unbranded Community Access Supports?

We sure do. At CCLO Living, we support you to access the community on your terms. For some of our clients, this includes the want to be supported by an ‘unbranded’ support worker who looks more like a companion or friend to fellow community members.

It’s your choice whether you’d like your support worker to wear a uniform or drive a company (branded) car for example. Whatever your preference is, have a chat with our team about how we can make your experience more comfortably and uniquely your own.

How can I learn more or get started?

If you’d like to learn more about community access supports with the CCLO Living team or book in and get started, give us a call 02 4353 2411 or email info@cclo.com.au