At CCLO Living, our team is dedicated to supporting individuals to achieve their goals and live their best life and the letter of feedback below, from Sam’s family recently, has truly warmed our hearts that we are doing just that!

*The participant’s name has been changed for privacy.

To whom it may concern,
We write this letter of appreciation to CCLO Living SIL team and staff. Sam turned 39 yesterday while in precaution isolation for COVID-19.

Sam has high physical needs and been living with CCLO for just over six weeks. He is the first born son of a very close and loving family and commenced supported independent living approx. 16 years ago with another provider and experienced significant neglect and abuse over this time.

Mid 2019, CCLO reached out and offered Sam a secure SIL home with them as the provider. Given the anxieties around our families past experiences with his old provider his family were overwhelmed they could support him to relocate and get the care and life he more than deserved

In late 2019 Sam prior to his move had severe depression and anxiety and wasn’t sleeping.

His weight had dropped to an all time low of 48kgs as he was no longer eating and spent all his time in bed when not at day program Sam was being heavily medicated and also in nappies 24 hours a day.

Since his transition to CCLO Living home he is the happiest we have seen him in years embracing every day and living his best life. His health has greatly improved he has gained weight and is always busy socialising and is smiling and laughing

We were included with all the birthday celebrations with photos and video calls and he was treated like a king all day even though he couldn’t leave the home due to current health restrictions

Sam’s family will be forever grateful for this new life with CCLO Living and cannot find the words to truly express our gratitude. His health and wellbeing is top priority with all staff.

In these current hard times of 2020 we need to come together and still spread these positive news stories

Thankyou CCLO Living