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How many activities have you tried?

At CCLO Living, we’re all about choice for our participants. From theatre to fighter jets and everything in between, we love finding innovative community access supports and we decided it’s time to share some of the amazing experiences our team and participants have been enjoying!

If you’d like to learn more about our Community Access Supports for NDIS Participants and how we can support you, have a chat with our friendly team on 02 4353 2411 or pop us an email. We hope to join you out and about in the community sometime soon.

11 Innovative Community Access Supports

  1. Cabaret Show
  2. Fighter World
  3. Surfing
  4. Bushwalking
  5. Golf Driving Range
  6. Concerts/Musical Festivals
  7. VR Room Entertainment (Virtual Reality)
  8. Horse Riding
  9. Bowling (Ten Pin & Lawn Bowls)
  10. Reptile Park
  11. Plaster Making & Painting

Cabaret Show

Step into the wonderful world of showbiz with the pizazz of a cabaret show. Cabaret is a form of theatrical entertainment featuring music, song, dance, recitation, and drama. These shows are typically seated and have the option to buy drinks and refreshments. If you’re looking for a fun night out, look no further – grab a friend (or two) and book in for dinner and a show!

Fighter World

Calling all history buffs and aviation enthusiasts. Located in Williamtown NSW near the RAAF base, Fighter World showcases the history of fighter operations of the Royal Australian Air Force and it has a large collection of aircraft, most of which are fighters once operated by the RAAF. Fighter World is a totally ‘hands on’ experience and is an Australian not-for-profit aviation heritage centre. Exhibited in two hangars, visitors can walk-around, touch and look into the cockpits of famous aircraft such as the Mirage III, the Avon Sabre, the Gloster Meteor, the first Vampire jet built in Australia and new in 2013 the mighty F-111.


Ever wanted to dive into the deep blue and have a go at surfing? Now you can! Adaptive Surfing allows for modifications to be made to the surfboard so that it can be safely and properly by the surfer. Surfing is a great way to improve physical fitness while having lots of fun. To learn more about this service and find out if it’s available in your area, give our team a call.


Whether you’re a bird watcher, whale spotter, budding photographer or simply love getting out in nature – you’ve simply got to give bushwalking a try! Here on the Central Coast, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by bush lands, wetlands and beaches. Whether you’re up for a walking track and a spot of lunch with a view or grabbing your hiking shoes to find hidden waterfalls, heading out for a recreational hike into our beautiful natural surrounds with scenic views is a great way to enjoy some sunshine & fresh air with the added bonus of being good for both physical and mental health.

Golf Driving Range

Swing into the day with a visit to the golf driving range. This is a dedicated place to practice your golf swing, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just getting started, all levels are welcome. A visit to the golf range usually entails being able to hire a golf club and a bucket of golf balls from the facility and having free range to practice your swing and hit as many golf balls as you like (until your bucket is empty of course!). Improving your balance, swing and hand-eye coordination, this is a great way to keep active and have fun.

Music festivals & concerts

Music festivals and concerts are organised events. They may feature performances by a solo artist (one musician/band) or various artists, musicians, singers, and groups. These events are generally not seated, so there will be a lot of standing and dancing involved! As the saying goes, music is good for the soul and are a great experience for everyone. They have a vibrant atmosphere and offer a wonderful opportunity to meet new people with similar interests as you!

VR Room Entertainment (Virtual Reality)

Dive into another world with VRRoom Entertainment! This experience offers a self-contained area that is customized with embedded or portable technologies that allow it to deliver or enhance a multimedia virtual reality experience. Whether you’re seeking life-like experiences, escape rooms or games – you’ll likely find them here. Fly solo or collaborate with another player, the choice is yours!

Horse Riding

Learn to ride, drive a carriage or play mounted games with Riding for the Disabled NSW. Supporting people with both developmental and physical disabilities, RDA offers a unique experience to bond with their beautiful horses while aiming to improve confidence and coordination in a safe and supported environment.

Bowling, your way
Take your pick – grab a lane at your local ten pin bowling alley or head to the club for barefoot (or shoes on) lawn bowls. Bowling is both a sport and recreational game loved by many. In ten pin bowling, the goal is to knock over the pins situated at the end of a long playing surface known as a lane or alley. A strike is achieved when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll, and a spare is achieved if all the pins are knocked over on a second roll. Lawn bowling on the other hand, the goal is to get your ball as close to a mark as possible and is rolled along grass, gravel, or synthetic surfaces.

The Australian Reptile Park

From spiders, snakes and crocodiles to birds, roos and platypus’, and of course our beloved koalas, The Australian Reptile Park has one of the largest reptile collections in Australia, with close to 50 species on display. Located in Somersby on the beautiful NSW Central Coast, the park offers a hands-on, interactive zoo experience and is one of the best places in Australia to interact with native animals and catch exciting wildlife shows.

Plaster making & painting

Arts & crafts heaven – you may have done plaster painting before, but have you tried making your own plaster first? Typically a group activity where you will gather in the art barn with a bunch of like minded people, plaster painting is a decorative activity where you can let your creative side run wild! Knowing how much you love to express your creative flare, a day of plaster painting can also include making your own plaster sculptures (and letting them dry) before decorating them. Or if you’re up for a head start, simply choose a sculpture that has already been made, and jump right in and start painting!

So many options, you could try a different activity each week! 

Here at CCLO Living, we know no two participants are the same, which is why we love options. From choosing activities to how you’d like to be supported, did you know we also offer discreet Community Access Supports? This means we become “unbranded” as such when delivering supports and can offer a “friend” or “companion” approach.

Being Discreet allows you, as the participant, to choose how you want to be supported and from choosing whether you’d like your Support Worker in uniform or normal clothes, to the vehicle they drive (one of our CCLO Living branded vans or their own personal car), we can cater to your preference.

If you’d like to learn more about Community Access Supports with the CCLO Living team or book in to try one of these Innovative Support Services listed above, give us a call 02 4353 2411 or email us here.