Community Participation – What is it?

The Community Participation  with moderate to high support needs who may need a different option to paid employment or further education

This program will help you to:

• Skill development and preparation for employment

• Take part in activities you enjoy

• Learn new things and increase independence

• Spend time with people who share similar interests

What does CCLO offer?

Community Access – take part in activities with people who share similar goals and interests at your local centre. These activities could include learning skills such as cooking, doing physical activity such as sports and creative arts, such as music, art and crafts. Your group may go and do things in the community. This program gives the opportunity to make friends with other people in your community.

Individual Community Based Options – choose your own set of activities in a range of community settings, with the support of your service provider. Your give you the best possible use of the opportunities available to all community members. The activities you participate in are either on an individual basis or as part of a small group, where you get help to plan what you would like to do and learn.

Self-Managed Model – 100% control over the way you live your life. You put together your own set of activities and decide where and when you’ll do them. You can prepare plans for what you want to do and how you will use your Community Participation Program funding.

Who is eligible?

• live in NSW

• have an intellectual, psychiatric, physical or sensory disability as defined under the

Disability Services Act 1993

• undertake an eligibility assessment